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Eddie Vedder by Chris Cuffaro

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Eddie Vedder during a 2008 Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

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Eddie Vedder | Pearl Jam

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Courtney Love confronts a guy in the audience who threw a beer can at her in Australia on August 15, 2014.




Kurt and Courtney collected many of these heart-shaped boxes. They would give them to one another as gifts, sometimes filled with hair and love notes or antique valentines.

This is from the book, ‘Cobain Unseen.’ Purchase it here.

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If you do not know what this picture is; let me inform you. In the late 50’s when abortion was completely illegal, women would resort to using household items to have a self-given abortion. These items included bleach, wire hangers, and cleaning products. So, would you rather save unborn cells, like the ones that come off your feet or body, millions at a time, or save a woman who might end up curing a life-threatening disease? Do we really wanna step 60 years back?

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Kurt and I weren’t the closest of
friends, but we ran in to each other at shows and hung out. I knew him
well enough to be devastated by his death. I just don’t understand at
all. The last time I saw him,(March 94) he gave me a ride from QFC on Broadway to a friend’s house, the whole way there, which was about a fifteen minute drive, he talked about his daughter. For such a quiet person, he was so
excited about having a child, he really loved that little girl. Then about a
month later I saw on the news… [long pause] that he was dead.
-Layne Staley comment on Kurt.

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